Level up my Game

Hello fellas,

I have been going to the Gym for around 9 Month now. I have been seeing improvements, but I dont really feel its progressing anymore. I dont push myself to the Limit and it just does not feel right.

So yesterday I talked to a friend who has been successful in the Gym for several years. Talked to him about essentials things to know, general Mindsets and Nutrition.

I was still doing the training that the trainer gave me 9 Month ago, which was meant to be changes after 60 Days. So we worked out a new Plan. One with less Machines and more free weights. I was doing a full-body training 3 times a week before. My new plan consist of a 3 Day Split, with 6 Days a week in the Gym.

Its a lot to master and it will consume most of my free time, but my Body is my biggest Project.

Of course we also talked about Nutrition and Eating Habits. I was doing one-meal-a-day before and he told me that you cant really build muscle with that and explained to me how my digestive system and muscle building works.

My new Nutritional Plan tells me to eat 2846 kcal every day. 1360 in carbs (340g), 850 in Proteins/Eggwhites (220g) and 576 in Fat (64g).

Thats a tough number for someone who uses to eat one Meal a Day, burning more than he eats. Im gonna be stuffed all day long.

I got some tips what and how to eat. Gonna need to implement that in my life. Maybe ill start Meal-prepping.

Thats it so far, ill have my first day on the new plan in the Gym today. Gotta ask a trainer where all those new utilities are and how to use them right.

Ill keep you updated,

– Max

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