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E-Scooter nun auch in Deutschland

Als ich vorletzte Woche in Stockholm und Kopenhagen war, vielen mir diese E-Scooter auf, die dort an jeder Ecke herum stehen. E-Scooter? Früher hätte man sie elektrische „City-Roller“ genannt. Das Prinzip ist einfach: Man läd sich eine App herunter, scannt

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Artikel 13

Artikel 11-13 des aktuellen Gesetzentwurfs des europäischen Parlaments gefährden die Art und Weise wie wir das Internet aktuell nutzen. Worum es geht Kurz gefasst geht es darum, das der Betreiber einer Seite haftbar für von Nutzern generiertem Inhalt gemacht werden

Happy Birthday WWW

The World Wide Web as we know it today gets 30 Years old today! The Livestream at CERN (the Institution at whch is was created) sadly just ended right now… but I just got up 🙁 Youtube Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Q66mxeYt8 Learn

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This Blog will change Languages

As many of you may have notices, I am not a native english speaker. I decided that this I will continue this Blog in my native language, german. Why do I change Languages? I think that it would make it

Changing Banks

Hello Internet. Today I finished setting up my new bankaccount. But first, let me start at the beginning and explain why I changed my bank in the first place. About a year ago I moved to Hamburg, Germany. I had

Meat today…

Saw these paintings on my girlfriends door and thought about if I should stop eating meat… Pictures by Luke Chueh

Rest in Peace, Stephen

May you tell all the gods how the universe works. Our world would have needed you in place for much longer. My condolence to his family and friends.

New PC parts ordered

I finally ordered new parts for my PC two days ago! I violated one of my first rules when it comes to Computer by that: Never go with AMD. Why I did that? Quite simple: The Price. Im low on

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Computer broke down

Two days ago the new GTX 1060 I ordered was delivered. I ripped my old one out of my PC and put the new one in. The mainboard threw me some beep code when I tried to start. I googled,

Minecraft Modding

Hey Peps, I once made a little mod for minecraft. It added clay and obsidian tools. I called it Awesome Tools hehe. Well, It’s a long time ago and the mod is long outdated but I had much fun doing