Monat: Februar 2018

Started development of LiF HerbDB

I have been working on my Idea of a LiF HerbDB the last days. Got quite a bit done over the weekend. Account Management system with logging, signing up/in and password changing already works. Password reset (Forgot Password) is yet

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VHS Tape digitalizing Service

Yesterday a neightbor came to me. He asked me a favor. Said his Tape Recorder broke so he could not watch his tapes anymore. He got some with great value to him, like marriage videos and such. He asked me

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LiF HerbDB

If you know Life is Feudal, and the grind of gathering herbs in it, skip to ‚The Idea‘ There is that game called Life is Feudal. It’s one of the grindiest games I know. When you are in the Alchemist

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Minecraft Modding

Hey Peps, I once made a little mod for minecraft. It added clay and obsidian tools. I called it Awesome Tools hehe. Well, It’s a long time ago and the mod is long outdated but I had much fun doing

New Website launched

Hello everybody, i just launched this Website. Bought the Domain-Name a while ago but until now it was just blank emptyness. So feel welcome on my new Site. Ill post some topics which daunt me here and maybe we can